Nowadays experts regard erectile dysfunction as the inability to achieve and maintain a strong erection for sexual intercourse. During decades of studies scientists came to the conclusion that ED can be caused by psychological and physical factors.

Physical ED can be caused by cardiovascular, neurogenetic, anatomical and endocrine factors. Diabetes, traumas of the penis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and many other diseases can “switch off” the mechanisms that launch the process of erection. PD provoked by physical factors is always a symptom of some disease, so very often it signals that there is something wrong in the body. Doctors claim that men tend to notice the symptoms of ED before they register the symptoms of more severe diseases. It means that if you noticed ED symptoms, you are strongly recommended to consult your doctor. It will help you treat your trigger disease faster and more effectively.

Psychological ED is often caused by depression and different fears. Performance anxiety, lack of sexual desire, loss of libido connected with some fears or age and other factors contribute to the development of ED.

In most cases, doctors diagnose mixed ED that is both psychological and physical.

ED Treatment

First of all, doctors try to distinguish the main factor that provoked ED. When a trigger factor is diagnosed, patients receive two types of treatment. The first type helps eliminate a trigger disease. The second type is called symptomatic treatment. It helps get rid of ED symptoms. Both methods are very effective: the first helps achieve long-lasting results, as, when a trigger disease is defeated or minimized, the process of erection becomes better; the second one helps on the spot. It means that if you have ED symptoms, you can get rid of them within 30 minutes and lead a normal sexual life.

ED Treatment With Viagra

Viagra with discount is the most effective medication prescribed in the course of symptomatic ED treatment. Natural Viagra stimulates blood flow to the penis and thus provokes a strong erection in the most natural way (only if you have a sexual stimulation). Various clinical studies have proved that Viagra is a very effective and safe drug for ED treatment. Moreover, Viagra works no less than 5 hours, so it helps you have not only one sexual intercourse but as many as you want or can physically have.

The effect of Viagra samples is visible within 20-30 minutes after the intake. You will definitely see the effect even if you have severe anxiety. You will notice that you have a strong erection that won`t fail you during all sexual intercourse. Moreover, your sexual drive and stamina will become better and your orgasm will be stronger than ever. With Viagra coupon you will be able to satisfy yourself and your partner.

As Viagra can`t interfere with the process of your trigger disease treatment, you can take it while you take your main drugs (but remember that Viagra can`t be combined with all drugs; for example nitrates are forbidden). For this reason, before you take it, you need to see your doctor who will prescribe you an initial dose with the smallest potential of side effects.