About Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately in modern world we constantly face different health problems, some of them do not respond to treatment, some may be cured due to surgical intervention but a bulk of diseases one may overcome thanks to the latest achievements in medical science that is pharmaceutical treatment.

Medicinal treatment of impotency became widely expanded during last decades of the previous century. Primary prerequisite of its wide usage was low effectiveness of psychological method which was considered to be the most successful for many decades in a row. Psychological method was based on hypnosis and was efficient only in nearly 30% of cases thus appeared the necessity to find a new way for ED treatment.

In 1982 there were made the first attempts to solve the problem of impotency that were injections made directly into penis. The procedure was rather painful and stressful for men. Three years later it was decided to cure erectile dysfunction using various types of salve though there was no much luck. 1988 was a year of a great invention; first tablets were used for ED medication. However it was a real breakthrough, tablets were not widely spread until the invention of Viagra in 1998.

Drug treatment can be explained as the usage of different medicines: injections, salves, tablets. Nowadays this method is not only the most effective but the most affordable and natural way of sexual power loss treatment. Medicinal therapy has several advantages, among them we may figure out high efficiency (it helps in 90% of cases), quick result and what is most important, no surgical intervention is needed. Viagra perfectly combines all the necessary parameters for effective and successful result.

For a long period of time homeopathic medicines were widely used. But it bears mentioning that homeopathic treatment is effective only in cases when the main reason of disease lies in psychological problems. Homeopathic medicines can be of vegetable, mineral or animal origin and the dosage is chosen according to every person. But nowadays when we know that psychology is not the main problem of ED appearance and there is a bulk of other reasons, we positively may say that Viagra acts more effectively and quicker, so there is no need to force oneself to take homeopathic drugs for months.