What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to have or maintain an erection. It`s not a disease, but it`s provoked by some disease. A lot of men who have diabetes, testosterone level disorder, cardiovascular diseases, depression, severe anxiety and other problems tend to have the symptoms of ED. All these diseases can interfere with the process of erection. The most widespread cause of erectile dysfunction is the problem with vessels in the penis. When your vessels don`t function well as a result of cardiovascular diseases, blood flow in the penis can`t supply the penis with a normal portion of blood. So, as a result, your erection is week or you don`t have any erection at all!

You should know that age also counts. Problems with vessels and nerves and hormones are natural consequences of aging. But age doesn`t always mean that you will inevitable have ED. There are lots of preventive measures that can help you prolong your sexual life age.

Preventive Measures

The most effective preventive measure is a healthy lifestyle. As it helps prevent many diseases, your chances to develop ED will be minimal. There are main steps that will be very useful for you:

  • Stick to healthy food patterns. Chose a diet with a low cholesterol level. If your cholesterol is under control, your vessels remain unblocked and flexible enough to maintain a strong erection.
  • More activity. Have you ever wondered if your physical activity is enough to maintain your body (and erection) in good condition? How much variety does your activity include? Well, at least you need to have some activity, for example, you can start with walking then join swimming or jogging. The more active you are, the better your blood flow is. Moreover, regular physical activity is a good cure against depression and anxiety – the factors that very often launch ED symptoms.
  • Check your blood pressure. If you have hypo- or hypertension, you have all chances to develop ED. Check it every day in order to control how successful your preventive measures are.
  • Stop smoking. Yes, smoking is one of the most aggressive factors that provoke ED.
  • Forget about strong drinks, especially if you have the habit to drawn your anxiety in alcohol. Alcohol as well as smoking is not your best friend in ED prevention.
  • Review your medical store. Almost every person takes some medicines, but as a matter of fact some of them can be left aside as they don`t treat anything. Consult your doctor in order to get rid of worthless stuff that just poisons your body and has no effect.
  • Try to sleep well. Yes, very often this recommendation is the hardest to follow. People over 40 tend to have various sleep disorders that don`t let them sleep well. But if you don`t suffer from insomnia and just reduce your night sleep purposely, abandon this bad habit!

If you follow these rules, your chances to get ED will be minimal. But what if the symptoms of ED already bother you? Well, in this case you will have to visit your doctor, pass diagnostic procedures and get some treatment. You will be prescribed medicines for your trigger disease and symptomatic medicines such as Generic Viagra that will help you forget about the problems with erection. Just take one pill of Viagra before sexual intercourse and enjoy your life. This medicine is very well-known and clinically tested, so if you have some doubts, you can read expert reviews and customer feedbacks in the Internet.