How Men Over 40 Can Retain Sexual Potency

Nowadays sex theme is frequently discussed among friends, colleagues and partners. But when it comes to the problem of sexual frustration or potency loss more often we can see wives or girlfriends who complain about the problems with intimate life in the cabinet of sexologist than men who really need help of urologist.

The reality is that more than 10 million of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. But more often this problem touches men after 40 or 50. As the years go by our body gets along in years and as a result a bulk of illnesses appear. Unfortunately awfully delicate question is impotence; in other words this is an inability of penis to have erection during sexual intercourse.

It worth to be mentioned some facts from statistics. When a man becomes elder he needs more time for stimulation of generative organ in order to have erection. Twenty-years-old men can achieve erection in a matter of seconds. At the age of 30-40 they need one or two minutes. But when man is 60, he can not achieve erection during one or two minutes and this is not to say that he is an impotent. He just needs more time; some of them need a whole day or more. Since the years go by an interval between ejaculation and next erection increases.

This problem frequently happens after the age of forty so it wouldn't be such a bad idea to know the methods that prevent impotence. One of the most prevailing problems with health at this age is chronic prostatitis. Erectile dysfunction is an aftertrouble of this disease. Frequently men consider impotence to be a result of stress, weariness or something else but not a consequence of prostatitis. So in order to prevent erectile dysfunction men should treat chronic prostatilis as quickly as possible because without medication this disease gets worse.

Another method to prevent erectile dysfunction is physical activity and healthy way of life. We should think about our future in advance, so it doesn’t mean that if you go in for sport after forty you will evade this problem. If you complain of extra weight it is high time to lose it. Sex is a skin contact so the more you feel your body the more you control your actions.

Bear in mind that what has good influence on blood vessels is good for penis. In practice almost all men after 38 face the problem of arteriostenosis. So mind your nutrition because the main reason of it is cholesterol, which you consume with fat food.

Those who have alcohol, drug addiction or those who smoke, risk being the first who face the problems with potency.

In order to avert erectile dysfunction don't neglect a doctor’s advice in time. Nowadays specialists recommend medicamental method of ED medication. Modern drugs that are used in clinical practice allow achieving higher efficiency of treatment; usually they act in 80 percent of cases. The invention of Sildenafil (Viagra) released the life of men who faced this disease. Viagra acts almost immediately and the list of side effects is nonthreatening.